What is unTennis?

untennis bruce lee

UnTennis refers to the unraveling and reconditioning of many of the practices, methods and behaviors traditionally taught to follow on the tennis court. The idea is to break free from the rigid confines of perfect strokes and formal instruction to gain an advantage over your opponent by being a smarter player on the court.

As I write this I am now 20 years post my tennis prime (when I was ranked in the state of Illinois), yet the age and experience over the past two decades has taught me a lot about how to expose my opponent’s weaknesses and focus on my strengths to achieve a win that my skills themselves might have otherwise been unable to deliver. Everyone always told me that the game of tennis is often times won in the mind. I never knew what that meant, until now. And like any deep study, I am constantly learning more, every time I hit the court.

My approach is part Zen, part Sun Tzu’s “Art of War,” (which is recommended reading on this subject too) and part matured common sense. The idea is to strengthen yourself while taking advantage of times when your opponent is weak. If you do this repeatedly, you can put yourself in a more favorable position to win the game even if you face a skill disadvantage.

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