In Conclusion

Untennis ChessTennis is a complex game that requires a strong combination of skills, experience, mental toughness and stamina. The best of the best have all four. I used to think the skills part was the most difficult to master. Today, I think that’s the easiest part.

I like to think I have a tennis persona, someone I become when I step onto the court. This person resembles me in most ways, but this person is fine tuned and acutely aware of everything I’ve mentioned above.

It’s a challenge to manage all these moving pieces, and you never know what outside variables may spring up at any given time. The most effective strategy is one of awareness that is adaptable to every situation and one that you can bend and carve as you need to in order to achieve your goal of winning. No opponent will be the same, and no game will be the same. Therefore, no strategy can be the same. Your goal should be to put as many tools in the tool chest as possible, and I hope this article has helped do that.

At the end of the day tennis should be about having fun. I know some of the suggestions I’ve listed are a little outside the bounds of conventional tennis thinking. But to me, that’s what’s fun about tennis. To the outside it’s two people smacking a ball back and forth. To those who play it, it’s an entirely different animal, and it’s one that we love.
– Andrew

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